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Elenora L. Benz

While You Are Spring Cleaning Your Legal House, Don’t Hand the Tax-man the Vacuum!© This presentation is a lively, interactive session on the basics of estate and tax planning.

Living Will = Loving Will; Putting Power in a Power of Attorney© This presentation explains in simple terms how these advance planning documents can save aggravation, grief and turmoil in your life.

So You Have A Will, Does Your Business Have One Too?© This presentation focuses on the importance of planning for the passing of your business from one generation to the next.

Tools in The Estate Planning Tool Chest© This program discusses more sophisticated estate planning techniques: Life insurance trusts, charitable trusts, family limited partnerships, etc.

Create a Trust for the Critters Who Trust You© Of special interest to pet lovers, shelters, kennel clubs, and animal friendly organizations, this presentation will describe the nuts and bolts of creating a pet trust.

Legal Jeopardy – Can You Play the Game?© This presentation follows the famous TV game show format and tests your knowledge about estate planning. The only thing at stake is your enhanced knowledge.

Will Reviews – In conjunction with local bank trust departments, bank customer’s existing wills are reviewed and comments given in one-on-one meetings.

Nancy Heslin Reading

NancyPresenterHow  Does the New POLST Law Impact Seniors? As of  January 1, 2013 New Jersey had adopted the Uniform Physician’s Order for Life  Sustaining Treatment Statute. The statute impacts everyone who has a living  will/ advance directive, but it is also relevant alternative for people who have  not executed such documents.

An  Introduction to Basic Estate Planning Documents - This is a talk  designed to introduce listeners to some of the basic services that attorneys can  provide to seniors with ample time allowed for questions and  answers.

Family  Members as Fiduciaries: Knowing Who to Choose - Executors,  trustees, and agents named under our Power of Attorney are fiduciaries, a legal  class of persons with a heightened legal duty to you, the person who named them.  Too often though, we choose family members for these jobs so as not to hurt  their feelings with little consideration to whether they have what it takes to  fulfill the fiduciary role.

Knowing  When to Update Your Estate Documents - Estate documents need to be  updated periodically and this talk helps listeners to understand when updating  needs to be done.

Religious  Perspectives on Elder Law Issues -This talk focuses on how personal  religious beliefs as to end-of-life issues can be incorporated into estate  documents.

All of our presentations are lively and inter-active. Please contact us to schedule a presentation for your group.



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Community Outreach

EarthAngels   Earth Angels - Click here to find out how you can make a difference by
   becoming a part of this heartwarming community outreach project for
   Sussex County homebound senior citizens (MSWord document)


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